Consulting services are offered in Reliability Engineering, Maintenance Engineering and Management, Bench Marking and Power Generation Engineering

In-house and external courses in Reliability Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Management, Incident Investigation and related subjects are offered

We have expertise in specification writing in these areas:
Reliability, Maintenance, Benchmarking and Power Generation

We have developed and implemented a tried and tested audit methodology for application in the Maintenance and Asset Management Area.


Edgar Bradley

Reliability Engineering – A Life Cycle Approach is based on the author’s knowledge of systems and their problems from multiple industries, from sophisticated, first class installations to less sophisticated plants often operating under severe budget constraints and yet having to deliver first class availability.

Taking a practical approach and drawing from the author’s global academic and work experience, the text covers the basics of reliability engineering, from design through to operation and maintenance.


A summary of our major recent clients in Africa and further afield:

South Africa
  • ABB,
  • ABI
    • Maintenance Audit of Bottling Plant
  • African Explosives Ltd
    • Maintenance Audit, Modderfontein
  • Airports Company of South Africa
  • Anglo Platinum
    • Consulting: RAM Analysis of extensions to Anglo Platinum Base Metals Plant, Rustenburg
  • Arcelor Mittal Steel,
    • Maintenance Audit, Vanderbijlpark
  • BAE Land Systems
  • Bell Equipment Company
    • Training in Weibull Analysis, Richards Bay
  • BHP Hillside Aluminium
    • Consulting: Root Cause Analysis at Hillside Aluminium Smelter, Richards Bay
    • Training: Root Cause Analysis, Richards Bay
    • Training: RCM, Richards Bay
  • BMW
    • Maintenance Audit of Car Assembly Plant
  • Booyco Electronics
  • Booyco Engineering
  • Columbus Steel
    • Maintenance Audit, Middelburg
  • Denel Dynamics
  • Danone Dairy
    • Maintenance Audit of Dairy Plant
  • Emporer's Palace Hotel
    • Maintenance Audit, Kempton Park
  • Eskom
    • Consulting: RCM analysis of Eskom substations in Brakpan, Grahamstown and Brackenfell
  • Gerotek
  • IIR
  • Kumba Iron Ore Mine,
    • Training: Maintenance and Reliability Engineering
  • Marcus Evans
  • Namakwa Sands
  • Nissan Engine Foundry
    • Maintenance Audit, Brits
  • North West University
    • University Level Training: Reliability Engineering, Potchefstroom
  • Premier Conferencing
  • Rand Gold Refinery
    • Maintenance Audit, Johannesburg
  • Rheinmetall Denel Munition
  • Sasol Mining
  • Sasol Polymers
    • Training: Maintenance and Reliability Engineering, Secunda
  • Sasol Synfuels
    • Maintenance Audit, Secunda
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • University of the Witwatersrand
    • University Level Training: Reliability Engineering, Johannesburg
    • University Level Training: Maintenance Engineering, Johannesburg
Abu Dhabi
  • Haward Technology, Abu Dhabi
  • Hazelwood Power Station
    • Maintenance Audit, Victoria
  • BCL Mine
    • Maintenance Audit
  • BCL Surface Works
    • Maintenance Audit
  • Namdep Diamond Mines
    • Maintenance Audits (4 sites)
  • Namibian University of Science and Technology, Windhoek
  • Rossing Uranium
    • Consulting: RAM Analysis of Uranium Processing Plant
Saudi Arabia

Al Ittefaq Steel Co, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

  • Freda Rebecca Gold Mine, Zimbabwe


Testimonials from consulting partners, students and customers:

Maintenance Technician

The lectures were stimulating, with case studies, videos and group discussion.

Maintenance Planning Manager, South Africa

I have been motivated into applying a more challenging mindset to workaday problems. I now have ideas on how to improve my managerial skills and the effectiveness of my maintenance planning section.

Plant Engineer, South Africa

The most important aspect is that the lecturer is knowledgeable in the field of maintenance and does not accept that all the information out there is always true. All the material he presents is based on personal experience and logical conclusions are always drawn.

Amazon Customer

This author's work appears to be backed up and based upon very heavy-duty experience. He has definitely been around the block more than a few times.


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Engineering Vignettes

“The Heart of Engineering is a Heart for Engineering”


My Premise:

  • Engineering is an activity which involves the whole personality of Man: his emotions, his skill and his intellect. In other words, it involves his heart, his hands and his head.
  • Engineering activity is a spectrum along which the balance between hands and head changes. Artisans use more skill on the one end, but must also apply intellect, while at the other end of the spectrum, research engineers apply more intellect but must still possess a certain level of skill. What is common all along the spectrum is the passion for engineering – the heart component.
  • The heart part is often disregarded, and this leads to less than successful engineering.
  • Successful societies have a heart for engineering.

Some examples of Engineering Heart:

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